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At present we are developing a project of useful Fauna.

Xaralareira is a company located in As Pontes, A Coruña, which was born in 2003 as a project to breed rodents and maintain supplied to the market continuosly.

The activity of our company is totally innovative both in the breeding of rodents and in the organization as a farm. It’s a new niche of activity, framed within the new sources of employment.

The project involves the economic recovery in the territory from the perspective of the diversification of the productive, as an alternative to industrial monoculture.

The rodents farm project has been supported by the Leader Iniciative in 2004, whose aim is to assist the agents of rural to reflect on the potential of its territory and promote the application of original strategies for sustainable development, of quality and designed for the experimentation with new ways of improving the economic climate in order to contribute the creation of employment.

It’s a question of trying out new aproaches of integrated and sustainable development.

In 2009 we diversified our activity to the freezing of food for birds and reptiles; now we continue diversifying and adding value to our prima. In 2010 we entered the training market, process in which we are currently, promoting an innovative product that is having a wonderful acceptance. This diversification helps the company to be stronger and continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Now we want to internationalize the company since we are emerged a business opportunity with a partner to introduce us in United Kingdom.